Is TSSC open to members of the public?

NO,  TSSC is not open to the public, it is a members only club. For safety reasons, all guests MUST be accompanied by a club member.


Is there a public handgun range in the area?
Yes. Ripstop in Toti and Ihawu in Pinetown are open to members of the public. Contact them directly for more information.


Will guns and ammunition be provided for TSSC guests?
No. Unless your hosting member has offered for you to use his personal firearm and ammunition you must provide your own and it must be licensed under your own name or under the name of a person in your immediate company.


If I shoot as a guest, what are the rules?
Go to the Range Rules page to find out the rules and safety requirements of IPSC and shooters at TSSC


When are your club shoots?
Go to the Club and League Shoots page for dates


What are the TSSC rates?
Go to the  Rates page to find out the annual rates


How do I join TSSC?
Go to the Join TSSC page to find out how to join


Are minors allowed to shoot at TSSC?
Yes they are allowed provided they are under the direct supervision of an adult. Permission must first be granted for this to be allowed.


Are rifles and shot guns allowed to be fired at TSSC
Yes but only club members or those under their immediate supervision may use rifles or shotguns according to the rules laid out here. Only 5.56mm rifles are allowed and no bigger.


Is there a rifle range in the area?
Mapstone range in Baynesfield and Hibiscus Outdoor Shooting Range in Margate. Contact them directly for more information.