AR and Shotgun Rules

The TSSC ranges were originally designed to cater for handguns/pistols only. However, the committee has acknowledged that members might occasionally want to use other firearms of varying calibres.

Some very valid concerns have been raised over the use of higher calibre weapons at TSSC and as such the committee has decided to lay down the following regulations:


Shotguns are permissible on the range. See Range Allocation below.


5.56mm calibre firearms are permissible on the range (no other rifle calibre).  See Range Allocation below.



  1. ‘Handgun’ ranges:
    The first 3 ranges on the right side of the gate as you enter are for handgun only. See map below.
  2. ‘Rifle’ Ranges:
    The 4 ranges left of the gate as you enter may be used for handgun, shotgun and rifle. See map below.
  3. The rifle ranges may only be used as ONE  RANGE. No other shooting or activity of any kind on any of these 4 ranges is to take place at the same time. The handgun ranges may be used at the same time for handgun only.
  4. The use of the rifle ranges are for sighting in, crono’ing and target shooting and also only directly downrange with the 180 degree rule to be strictly applied.
  5. No matches/competitions for 5.56mm are to be set up on the rifle ranges
  6. If targets are being shot with a 5.56mm, they may not be placed higher than 1.0m (measured from the top of the target). This applies at any distance.
  7. If all the handgun ranges are fully utilized and a club member needs to use the rifle ranges for handgun, preference must be given to the hand-gunner and the rifle shooter is expected to finish within a reasonable time.
  8. No non-club member is allowed to utilize TSSC ranges without DIRECT supervision by a club member unless prior approval from the committee is given.

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