Club Rules

Members must please abide by the following general club rules:

  1. Newcomers please see the Range Rules page
  2. Remember that the committee members pay the same fees as you and volunteer their time to help with the running of the club. Please be patient with your requests and be organized so that urgent requests are not made at the last minute. Please allow at least 24 hours turn around on your requests.
  3. EVERYBODY must help set up ranges before a shoot. Time is allowed beforehand to do so.
  4. If you miss registration for a club shoot you will not shoot unless you have made special arrangements.
  5. Make sure you know which weekends you are on duty to build ranges, you should not have to be told by someone else when you are on duty.
  6. EVERYBODY is expected to help patch targets and pick up brass, we do this for each other and it helps speed things along.
  7. If you bring guests to the range you will be responsible for their supervision and safety.
  8. When visitors inquire about joining please send them to this website which will instruct them further. Anybody can do this.
  9. No cash payments to be made to the treasurer’s account.
  10. When making payments please use your NAME as reference
  11. Please ensure the gate is locked when the last person leaves.



Members and visitors wishing to shoot at Toti Sport Shooting Club (TSSC) are required to be licensed firearm owners.

As licensed firearm owners, all regulations and stipulations contained within the Firearms Control Act, ACT 60 OF 2000 need to be strictly adhered to irrespective of the fact that you are utilizing TSSC shooting range.

The TSSC committee is predominately there to perform an administrative and overseeing role within the club. Refer to sections 8 & 9 of the TSSC constitution.

The committee, and TSSC club, shall accept no responsibility in the event of an incident or accident of any nature.